Plastic Plating - ABS & PC ABS

Precision has a fully automated plastics plating facility. The plant is computer controlled and each part has a program set to the specific requirements. This ensures that your parts receive the exact plating specification every single time.

Chrome plating plastic parts is generally designed for medium to large volume work. Parts require testing to get the correct plating settings and plating racks need to be made to suit the part and ensure the parts can be plated correctly.

Plastics plating requires precise controls and checks and is much more involved than plating on metals. An automated plant enables reliable plating and precise time control in the tanks that each part goes through.

We can plate a range of finishes on plastic which include chrome, satin chrome, satin pearl, gold, black chrome and black sapphire.


Not all types of plastic can be plated.

To enable plating to adhere onto plastic, you need a special type of plastic. The type used is Electroplating Grade ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and its alloys. If you have plastics that are nylon or contain polycarbonate, please speak to a technical representative from Precision Plating.

Plastic parts generally need to have purpose built racks. This is to ensure they are held in the right place and they don’t warp or bend in the process.

For fast, efficient and friendly service, please contact us for all your plating on plastic requirements.