Decorative Finishes


Here at Precision, our processes apply zinc coatings with a range of chromate conversion top coatings to comply with relevant international specifications including hexavalent free or trivalent.

We have a wide range of chromate finishes which are continually reviewed and upgraded to meet your changing requirements.

Our ability to integrate ‘smart’ and random access software provides unsurpassed repeatability, reliability, quality, and efficiency.

Our zinc electroplating meets or exceeds these examples of specifications and many more:

Australian Standard
AS 1789 – 2003

ROHS Compliance

213570 Zinc plate
900924 Blue passivate

WSD M1P85-A1 -> A3 plating, Zinc over ferrous surfaces

General Motors GMW 3044 electrolytically deposited Zinc coatings

Toyota TSH 6524G electroplated Zinc coatings (Hexavalent chrome-free)

If the specification you require is not listed, please contact our technical or sales department.