ICOA Australia Pty Ltd

Right from the start when making an enquiry they are professional, will ask relevant questions to fully understand your requirements, not only parts, but delivery and packaging.

They offer ongoing support, both for Sales, Quality, and Supply to ensure that parts continue to meet your requirements and expectations. It has been a pleasure dealing with Wilcox at every stage of our business.

Best Regards

Kenneth Stephen – Commercial Business Manager



The vanity was once just an ordinary – albeit lovely – buffet from Provincial Home Living. Jo had her handyman cut a hole in the top to drop the sink and had a plumber trick it up with water supply. She then painted two old mirrors warm white to work with the vanity. But her biggest win was the tapware.

Instead of replacing the solid old brass fittings, she had them replatted in chrome. Her plumber removed the taps, then she took them to Precision Plating for the makeover. “I couldn’t be happier with the results!” she says.

Home Beautiful Magazine, December 2013


Golden Microphone


I’ve got the mic back and refitted the electronics. It sounds and looks more amazing than I would have ever expected, or had done in the past with other plating companies. The attention to detail in the finish is incredible and will be much appreciated by our talent.

Thanks soooo much for accommodating us in turning it around so quickly despite the time of year. We’ll make sure to send you some more projects in the future!

Joel Sutton – Australia Radio Network